Hello friends - i need a favor

By now you surely know everything has shut down for the foreseeable future due to the Covid virus, and thus the Ende Tymes is postponed. i really want to make a bad joke out of that, but times are bad for a lot of people in our community. We have to give up a lot, some much more than others, to make things better for the common good. It's gonna be rough, and some people are gonna literally die, or lose their homes, or get bored and fix their shit and write some amazing music. We will eventually get through this, & we will be different people, & i hope we can be a different society, & whatever we are we will get together sometime down the road & we will have a good goddamn time, re-baptizing ourselves with #noise holy noise. Hopefully we can reconsider what is the most important things in life and stop polluting the planet in pursuit of profit (#icandream)

However we get to the other side, it's gonna be hard on everyone, because for most of us the singlemost damaging aspect of the Covid outbreak is financial.  Besides lost income from gigs, a lot of artists work as audio engineers and event techs on bigger productions, none of which are happening. To top it all off, the almighty shareholders are probably gonna run and sell off their virtual fortunes, and we all suffer for their deleted mountains of unusable money.  Right when we need it, we can't have IRL community, or a killer party with #visceral #noise #asloudaspossible                                 #weneedaboost

I am asking you for a favor - please give a boost to the postponed Ende Tymes artists using the links below. Please listen their sounds, buy some albums, at least click whatever link you need to follow them.  I want these wonderful people to have a little boost around now, and also make a statement on the online sales for #noise on Bandcamp  (Some artists don't use Bandcamp, so there are some other links)

Buying albums directly from artists is the best way to support them, and tomorrow it will be even better

On Friday March 20 (tomorrow), Bandcamp is paying artists 100% of sales. It is a great opportunity to boost your support for them without spending any more.  Ende Tymes will also be buying albums from the artists below, as a show of support and to boost #noise in the algorithms 

it feels superficial to be asking you to buy merch and follow artists online, but it's actually a really considerate thing to shower these people (and all artists making the best in #radical #shapely #noise) with money, comments, messages, and names for their list. we need to get through this, and we need to help one another to do so.  if you follow them on Bandcamp, you will get notifications when they release new music - more #noise for helping you cope with #businessasusual when things get back to "normal"

please go through the whole list all the way to the bottom, where there is a special note from yours truly 

Ende Tymes 11 artists - please buy merch on Friday Mar 20!! 

Andrea Pensado https://ftamproductions.bandcamp.com/album/as-within-so-without  

Band    https://bandgroup.bandcamp.com    

Blind Date    https://blinddatenyc.bandcamp.com/album/last-seen-walking-into-the-woods    

Bobb Hatt    https://bobbhatt.bandcamp.com/        

Brian Chase    https://drumsanddrones.bandcamp.com/album/drums-and-drones-i        

Carbus     https://carbus.bandcamp.com/releases        

Chelsea X-mas:
Chelsea Bridge https://chelseabridge.bandcamp.com/    
Janet Xmas https://www.instagram.com/janet__xmas/        

Christian Mirande    https://christianmirande.bandcamp.com/        

CK Barlow & friends    https://ckbarlow.bandcamp.com/releases  

Divorce Ring    https://divorcering.bandcamp.com/        

Eel Tank    https://embalminglately.bandcamp.com/album/cure      

(former project Gene Pick) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_m8FVWIMXU

Gnawed    https://gnawed.bandcamp.com/        

Gyna Bootleg    https://gynabootleg.bandcamp.com/        

Hypertrophy    https://anthonysaunders.bandcamp.com/        

Human Fluid Rot    https://humanfluidrot.bandcamp.com/        

Imminent Death    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmGlLn4vHZ0    

January Hunt & Octonomy:        
January Hunt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waKFkOXAixA    
Octonomy: https://octonomy.bandcamp.com/        

Jen Kutler    https://jenkutler.bandcamp.com/releases        

Jim Haynes    https://helenscarsdale.bandcamp.com/        

JoAnn McNeil    https://joannmcneil.bandcamp.com/        

John Duncan    https://johnduncan.bandcamp.com/album/incoming        

Kjostad    https://kjostad.bandcamp.com/        

Jackson: https://oo-oo.bandcamp.com/    
John: https://spreaders999.bandcamp.com/album/split-with-dosis-letalis

Kyle Flanagan    https://kyleflanagan.bandcamp.com/track/as-if-nothing-ever-happened        

Magnetic Coroner    https://primeruin.bigcartel.com/        

Marcia Bassett & Bob Bellerue   
Marcia: https://yewrecordings.bandcamp.com/        
Bob: https://bobbellerue.bandcamp.com/album/yamaha-deluxe

Matt Luczak    https://mattluczak.bandcamp.com/        

Neuter            ?? keep your mind’s eye attuned

Regression with Spykes    https://wolf-eyes.bandcamp.com/        

Scathing    https://soundcloud.com/bone-orchard-1        

Seraphim    https://soundcloud.com/seraphim2228        

Sibling        https://siblinghn.bandcamp.com/        

Sour Spirit    https://sourspirit.bandcamp.com/        

Spirit Plate:    
Mateo Galindo: http://mateogalindo.com/        
Nathan Young: http://nathanyoungprojects.com/        

Street Rat    https://crasslipsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/street-rat-personal-demons        

Stress Orphan        https://stressorphan.bandcamp.com/        

Sunk Heaven    https://sunkheaven.bandcamp.com/        

Utopia Brigade:  
Sarah Viviana Valdez  https://sarahvivianavaldez.bandcamp.com/        
Jeremiah M. Carter https://jeremiahmcarter.bandcamp.com/        

VX Bliss    http://www.ginnybenson.com/work.html

Weisblat Meehan McCowen trio:   
Barry Weisblat: https://soundeyet.bandcamp.com/track/the-enormous-space
Sean Meehan https://seanmeehan.bandcamp.com/
John McCowen http://johnmccowen.bandcamp.com/        

Whitey Alabastard    https://figurerecords.bandcamp.com/album/perdition        

Years Of Dust:       
Scald Hymn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GU5yA-znCno
A Snake In The Garden https://factotumtapes.bandcamp.com/album/hypnocil

Yousuke Fuyama    https://yousukefuyamax.bandcamp.com/        

Yuki Moriyama    https://m.soundcloud.com/yuki-moriyama-1        


Mark your calendars: 
On April 4 at 8pm Wave Farm / WGXC will host a radio program featuring all Ende Tymes XI artists. Please put it on your calendar and dial in:

Special Message: 
Thank you all very much for your support.  Donations to Ende Tymes can be made here: http://paypal.me/endetymes <3

~ the Ende Tymes will be back, once these Weird Tymes have passed ~

Keep a noise table between you and your friends. LOOK OUT FOR THE ONES YOU LOVE, LOOK OUT FOR THE WORLD

Be safe, healthy, and sane!!! Stay in touch!!!!