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albert (slujun, psicologicos tramas, dirty modelz) http://resontropic.com
bob (redglaer, KILT, improvisatyrs ) http://halfnormal.com

at Terminal 19Nov05



early 05 gigging, spring 05 left-coast tour, regular gigging through 06, some jams/recording sesshs


releases ::

/\ in T.U.R.D. 3x3" split (with KILT and Improvisatyrs) on Banned Productions
Bromide Romance 12" split with Roman Torment on Anarchymoon
çhufffecaaaack! 2xC10 on Anarchymoon
smellt 3"CDr on Anarchymoon
Lechero included in the LANoisescape CD on Bastardised
06Aug05 live track included in the CorralComp05 2xCDr on Anarchymoon